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TONIGHT’s GAMES (2/26/2021):


Girls Junior varsity Basketball vs Menominee | 5:30 PM East

Boys Junior varsity Basketball @ Kingsford | 5:15 PM Central

Girls Varsity Basketball vs Menominee | 7:00 PM East

Boys Varsity Ice hockey vs Escanaba | 7:00 PM EastBoys Varsity Basketball @ Kingsford | 6:45 PM Central

Girls Varsity Basketball @ Sault Ste Marie | 6:30 PM East


(click here to view live stream)

FEB 12, 2021 | 10:05 AM EST Marquette, MIM.A.P.S. Education Foundation Scholarship Drawing The name of one lucky student from MSHS or MAHS will be selected as winner of a scholarship! All current students’ names (grades 9 – 12) have been included in the drawing.

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